Q14 : Is there any solution for the i-gotU battery which can not be replaced?


What can I do when the battery of the i-gotU device has run down and you still need to continue recording the track? Don’t worry! There are many USB power supplies or USB power chargers in the market. Let me introduce some kind of choices for your reference.

1. Power supply (charger) built-in rechargeable batteries.
This type is usually the digital camera users’ favorite. It certainly can be compatible with i-gotU device and can be charged so many times. It is really very convenient for some people who do not drive cars or some places where there is no AC/DC sockets. I have a power supply (charger) which model is EC-753 portable USB Li-Ion Power Pack. And after testing, the GT-100 battery (230mA) can be fully charged at least 5 times when the built-in lithium battery capacity is full. Due to each battery capacity of different power supply is different. You still have to test for recognizing the battery life.

Product Spec
Input : 5V DC, 500mA Min. (Mini USB)
Output : 5V DC, 1000mA Min. (USB-A)
Size: 90 mm (L) x 75 mm (W) x 25 mm (H)
Built-in Battery Capacity:2000mA
Include USB charger and AC/DC transformer for charging. Output connectors is USB (can be plugged-in i-gotU device)

An external battery power supply (charger)
This type can supplies power to i-gotU device directly by using general batteries. I’ve seen two spec. currently. One is for one AA/LR6 battery; the other is for two AAA batteries. I suggest you’d better to use rechargeable batteries. If you do not have rechargeable batteries, you should use alkaline batteries. I do not recommend to use
Carbon-zinc batteries. After testing, the GT-100 battery (230mA) can be fully charged one time when the rechargeable batteries capacity is full. Just see the table of my testing data below:

AC to DC USB power supply (charger)
This type is AC 110V or 220V to DC 5V. And provide a USB interface for i-gotU device. It can be bought from many stores. As long as there is an electric socket when you go on a trip, you can use it to charge.
At present these products can usually output current of 200mA~1A. I strongly recommend to use 500mA and above.

Car charger for USB power supply (charger)
Of course this is for driving people. When you travel by car, you can connect it to the car cigarette lighter socket for converting to USB power output. Then you just connect it with the i-gotU device, you can use i-gotU everywhere. And do not worry about the battery will run down.

Above few products should be able to satisfy most people’s need. Someone might ask : If I should wait for the battery fully charged before I use it? The answer is NO. You can still track when the i-gotU device is being charged. And after the i-gotU device is fully charged, the red LED indicator will disappear.
If you guys have any other idea, please share with everybody.