Q9 :  How long can I use the i-gotU device before the battery run down (Battery Life)?

The battery life will depend upon the tracking interval of i-gotU device. Please click the “Device Settings” button into the Device Settings function, then refer to mode description to select the GPS mode, the mode descriptions include the travel mode and battery life. Therefore, you can refer to the GPS mode to estimate when the i-gotU device need to be recharged.

Interval GT-120 GT-600
1-6 sec 10 hr 30 hr
7-10 sec 20 hr 60 hr
11-20 sec 30 hr 80 hr
21-40 sec 60 hr 120 hr
41-60 sec 70 hr 160 hr
61-90 sec 80 hr 200 hr
91-120 sec 100 hr 220 hr
120 sec - 2 hours 120 hr 240 hr

1). Data may vary with the different environment.
2). The battery time is when the Power Saving function was opened.
3). The "Power Saving" function will appear when the Tracking Interval setting is 7 seconds and above.