Q11 : How to export the GPX from i-gotU Desktop software V1.0 and import to @trip PC software V2.0?

We only support to export the GPS track as GPX format from i-gotU Desktop software currently, then import it to @trip PC software.
Due to it is the GPX format, so it does not include any Photo file. You have to import or Sync the photos from @trip PC software again. Please follow the steps below:

1). Export the GPX file from i-gotU Desktop.
Please select the GPS track that you want to export, then right click the mouse and select “Export GPX” to export this GPS track.

2). Import the GPX file to @trip PC software.
Please click the “Import GPS Track (*.gpx, *.gpk)” button , then select “Import data from file” and follow the Import Wizard to import your GPS track.