Q16 : How to backup of all data on pc? Or can I download all trips record back to my PC?


Please try the following:

For Windows XP
Please go to C:\Documents and Settings\Your login name\Application Data\Mobile Action\atrip\Resource\.

For Windows Vista
Please go to C:\Users\Your login name\AppData\Roaming\Mobile Action\atrip\Resource\.

There is a folder [ \ Resource]. All initial track data are in this folder. You can backup this folder in your PC.

Note :
The folders are hidden, please refer the steps as below to enable.
a. Double click on "My Computer", from the menu bar, select "Tool", then select "Folder Options"
b. From "Folder Options" pop up window, select "View", then under "Hidden files and folders", select Show hidden files and folders", then click "Apply".

You can also download all track data which has been uploaded to the @trip website back to the PC.